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The Traffic Tour is a new type of high-speed lane jumping car game. Completely different from the previous car racing games you played. This racing game puts you behind the wheel in a real-world scene. Where you have to dodge your way and protect yourself from scratching.

With great graphics and nimble steering, this car game thrills you with real adrenaline-pumping driving. You’ll feel like you’ve just driven a brand new car from the showroom and on the road. The glossy dashboard is very realistic in the way the sun filters through the windshield and looks exactly as it should in reality.

Traffic Tour Way Racing

The main difference and unique thing about this game is that you have to drive and dodge traffic at the same time. If you run into someone on a busy street, you know the feeling and the thrill. This feeling really makes the game enjoyable and really brings you into it, pushing you to really show off your skills and enjoy the ride.

Even the street lights and power lines are accurately illustrated with palm trees, traffic, street textures and guard rails. There is even an air farm on the far left of the display that makes your car race more detailed and immersive. The background music does the rest with enough pumping to keep you hooked on this car racing game.

When you hear your tires scream, you accelerate the car a lot, which means that you have a lot of horsepower. You can set game controls in different settings depending on your comfort. You can set automatic acceleration or manual, rotate, turn or touch to control. Choose from endless gameplay, a career mode and even online multiplayer.

It is good to record a lot of points first in the career mode on a traffic tour but you can manage more horsepower and better for your car so that you can beat the competition in multiplayer. Download the game now by clicking the download button above. See other car racing games as well Pulses 8 For some floating fun.

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