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Township is a city-building and farming game. Build a farm and then start building a small town where you can turn your farming business into a food and entertainment empire. There are mini games between maintenance and building work. Players get an unexpectedly detailed look at trade and community expansion as well as overseeing crop and product creation.

The township game is the best platform for planning like city building and farm building. Home to natural life is now easy. Downloading this game will build your thinking and handling skills. You can create your own farm by planning through this game. Townships are best for those who live naturally.

Start managing your farm. Your responsibility is to take care of all the farm work including animals, agricultural products and great trees. Animal nutrition and all other necessities, planting, pruning and taking care of the trees are all yours. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Animals must eat their food at the right time, harvest crops and plant products in a timely manner.

Build your farm and unlock new buildings

In the beginning, it was nice to see the township Form Will, And you have been given the responsibility of building a farm, taking care of your crops and taking care of your animals. You will start cultivating easy crops as a farmer. As you progress in the game you will unlock new features and buildings to increase your income. For example, you are collecting vegetables, you buy a restaurant and then feed your carrots to customers in your meal. It has shiny and cartoonish feel that most mobile games have and it has very general controls.

Storage and building upgrades

Products like animals and crops are your responsibility that you collect in the township game and need time. The best platforms to sell these products are factories, markets and your neighbors. You can use other tools needed on your income farm to supply. Growing, developing and overcoming your farm is entirely in your hands. Use your money wisely and be your new livestock and farm equipment. The township game is necessary to enjoy in free time. Press the download button, don’t waste any time. You have the opportunity to play whenever you want.

Helicopters to deliver items to you throughout the city. Railway station for sending and receiving items from other cities of the world. People around the city will need different products like bread or milk. You can deliver these items to them by clicking on the helipad. This will only happen after you create these items. Players have to wait, for example, when cows produce milk after feeding them without paying to increase their speed. A map shows character requests for items; If they have enough they can be delivered by helicopter. Adding houses increases the population and you can earn new crop fields.

Town Features:

  • Decorate and separate the buildings to create the city of your dreams.
  • Different crops with different processes of their harvest.
  • Your city is full of ancient artifacts for mine discovery and collection.
  • Pretty cute animals to take care of
  • To manage and expand the farm.
  • Tropical products brought from the island.
  • Reproduce animals by creating a zoo.
  • Use country flags and prominent landmarks to decorate your city like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and many more!
  • Play with your friends Facebook And build a network with Google+ friends and this game.


  • Internet connection is essential to enable social communication, other features and competition to play this game.

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