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TowelRoot acts as a small tool that allows users to root their Android devices in a matter of seconds. The size of the app is only 100KB and it can be easily installed with a single button. There is no hard process to install where the user has to connect their Android device to their computer and then reset the device. Now all the user has to do is press the install button and the app is installed.

The Toilet app is a popular app developer and a hacker known as GeoHot, who once found numerous vulnerabilities in Apple and Sony devices. As a result of national hackers.

How towelroot works

After users install the app on their Android device, all they need to do is run the app and then tap the button titled “Rain it.” In just a moment, the device will be rooted in a perfect manner, without the need to restart the device. At the moment, the TowelRoot app is one of the best devices any routing application can use to root Samsung devices like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5. The app provides originality for the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 as well as many more models.

Towelroot uses a problem within the Linux nucleus that normally uses the Android OS to allow users to easily root their Android device with a simple press of a button without connecting to a computer.

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