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“Toolbox” is a set of handy and elegant measuring tool kits. It turns your smart device into a Swiss-Army-knife that measures everything you need urrent Currently, the toolbox has 14 metering tools:

– Barometer
It gives you a great and clear local atmospheric pressure, it is obtained from the barometric sensor of your device

– Short
This device takes advantage of GPS built-in to give you precise altitude above sea level.

– Compass
A beautiful and well-appointed compass intended for reference on navigation, travel and directions.

A professional sound meter, of course, measures the sound pressure level around you.

– Experimental
It takes advantage of the built-in magnetic system on your iPhone / iPod touch, allowing you to monitor the strength of the magnetic field around you. There are many real life applications for this useful item such as: metal detector, AC magnetic field or finding low magnetic space for sleeping

– Metronome
This is the most precise and stable metronome in the App Store. Whether you are a musician, music teacher, beginner playing music or even a golfer, this tool provides you with a set of powerful features that can meet all your needs.

– Stop watch
This tool is a must have whenever you need a precise and professional stopwatch for sports activities such as sprints, jogging. Features include: intuitive interface, lap and split mode support, or send log results to your email

– Timer
There are unlimited applications of using timer in everyday life, such as: egg timer, tea timer, cooking, alarm clock, etc. Time and calculate support, intuitive and convenient duration setup using presets and gestures

Taking advantage of the built-in accelerometer on your iPhone, this tool detects and depicts any vibrations and movements of the iPhone. So, why not use this great feature to self-protect your iPhone like a car after integrating with the alarm? Or another great application is how smooth the car is in test drive

– Full level pendulum
It is an instrument for verifying an object perfectly vertically / plumbing and checking whether it has been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians. It is suitable for any of your needs, such as hanging objects, roofing work, brick layers or building construction.

– Surface level
This tool helps you measure the surface of the surface you want to verify. Most importantly, its brevity is ensured at the highest level by the support of various sensitivities that allow you to detect fine slugs (floor leveling, furniture arrangement, ..)

– Spirit / bubble level
This is a simple but very useful tool in the set to check if an object is in balance. Its applications can be used for recreational purposes such as checking pool billiard tables in bar, construction, carpentry etc.

– Ruler
The ruler helps you to know exactly the length of the surrounding objects such as pens, tables, pictures. We designed it to be more than just a simple ruler: the ability to measure long distances and support up to 6 units

– Proctor
Have you ever forgotten your protector at school or when you are urgently looking for some kind of angle to measure in life?

Try “Toolbox” for free today.

What’s new?

– Fixes crashing bug when switching to spirit level equipment
– Some other small improvements and corrections

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