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Toddler Drawing Academy🎓 Coloring Games for Kids APK download

Toddler Drawing Academy🎓 Coloring Games for Kids APK download

Drawing and coloring games for kids! Play our great coloring apps for kids! Learn games for 2 year olds – play with each character

More than 10 million kids love our remarkable cool kid drawing games for girls and boys. Create the first real image in your life!

Playing our drawing for Toddlers game will improve your child’s drawing and cognitive skills. Learn how to draw animals step by step! 🎨

Our “Drawing Academy” app has over 100 animated pictures. Follow the step-by-step instructions, learn to draw adorable characters and they will come back to life!

Step-by-step verbal gestures will guide your child through the process of drawing beautiful characters like a butterfly, a frog, a car or a hedgehog. Each character comes to life in magic as soon as it is drawn.

Animated pictures that come to life for your kids to complete as well as draw for toddler games. Even very young children will be able to draw these beautiful characters in the colorful game.

More than 100 characters are sorted by theme. In a fun and fun way your child will get acquainted with letters and numbers for kids and even learn how to count in children’s painting games.

The Kids Academy prepares kids for school in a fun and playful way. Most importantly, drawing and learning became an enjoyable experience!

ন Drawing Academy application contains: 💥 💥

Kids is a unique learning method for young children
Develop fine motor skills
Learning games for 2 kids ages 2 – 6
Save The ability to save images
Coloring games for kids
Writing Ability to prepare little hands for writing
👉 Write the number
10 Count 10
Letters Introduction to letters
Parental control

Please note: The free version of the application contains a portion of the written content from the screenshots. You need to purchase the app to get access to the full content.

About Bini Bambini:

These free drawing and coloring games for kids are created by Bin Bambini, a software company that develops kids learning games. Our kids color book designs are distinguished by high quality materials with special attention. Free kids drawing games are made especially for toddlers. The purpose of all our best drawing apps is to develop around your child.

Our kids games are open for kids to write and count, do simple math and play free kids painting games. We have a free coloring box and paint brush for kids.

We’re proud to receive the likes and recognition of editors for our applications! 👪

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