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TimeSnap APK download

TimeSnap APK download

Return to Boston in 1770 to gather evidence to determine who was responsible for the violence that erupted during the Boston Massacre Designed for high school American history classes, Timeshap is a 12-15 minute game-based learning experience that immerses students in key historical moments. Challenging helps to understand the primary sources. Places include the Royal Exchange Tower, Captain Preston, Paul Rever’s Workshop, and the Long Wharf. The documents include a print of the Rev. Genocide, a letter from Captain Preston, and a Rev. print of the soldiers’ landing. Using the ropes, players analyze documents and objects, listen to people’s thoughts, and choose key items to come back in time to create museum exhibits. The player is directed by Director Wells who models historical historical thinking skills such as sourcing (who wrote this document? For what purpose?) And contextualization (what else was going on when it happened?).

Timesnap received funding from the U.S. Department of Education’s Department of Educational Sciences. Based on future funding, we hope to develop additional timespaces such as other turning points in American history such as the Fugitive Slave Law Pass and the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

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APK download

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