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No Speed ​​Required There is no limit to the long list of car racing games from gaming giant EA Sports. The game features great graphics with an underground story line with great feature cars. Create the journey of your dreams with incredible range of cars and customization. As soon as you hit the paddle loudly you turn yourself into chaos and control as you move into the underground racing culture.

Gameplay and storyline

At Need for Speed, you’ll compete in countless underground races as you upgrade your cars as you progress through the game. There are a total of 30 cars, each with their own set of upgrades. The more races you complete, the more parts you will win that will enable you to customize.

The graphics and effects of Need for Speed ​​make car racing more attractive. Such as reflection, smoke and other realistic aspects of racing that make the game truly beautiful and fulfilling. You can see for more information EA Sports Support.


Need for speed controls are quite simple and straight forward. There is no accelerator or brake pedal to tap, and no steering wheel to rotate around the side of the screen. Instead, you tap right or left to right, swipe across the screen to stimulate, and swipe down to flow around the corners. The cars automatically rotate the electric speed and facilitate the flow.

In Need for Speed ​​you will race for pole positions and race for a period of time with purpose. You can use it by sliding your finger upwards during the race while you are turning and filling the nitrous bar during the race. Nitrous gives you speed for a short time during the race. Pulses 8 Like Need for Speed, it is a racing game.

If you use an Android phone with 3GB or more of RAM, Speed ​​for Need will be fun without any lag. Be sure to rate and review the app. If you have any problems installing Need for Speed, let us know in the comments section below.

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