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The Trail APK download

The Trail APK download


Join our pioneers on a huge journey across unknown lands. Get ready to reach the city of Eden Falls – explore, craft, collect, trade, discover and finally settle and build.

The new game by Peter Molinix, the legendary designer and creator of the God game genre, transmits the frontier to your mobile device. Peter Molinix’s previous games include theme parks, dungeon keepers, fictional, crowded and goddamn.

Trail features include:

Take a look as you walk the trail with different landscapes and gorgeous vistas

Just use your thumb, swipe and drag to move happily along the trail. Designed for everyone to pick and enjoy.

Create your destiny
Travel the new world to create your destiny! Learn crafts and trade.

Create a community
Join a city to unlock more features and work together to make the new city the best of your city!

Make friends with an interactive pet dog to keep you on your journey and play together to unwind while at home.

You’ve never played like The Trail!

APK download

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