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Elder Scrolls: Legends is an award-winning free-to-play strategy card. Play online card games based on the Elder Scrolls RPG Series hits and prepare your deck for battle!

Travel through the story of The Elder Scrolls, conquer your enemies and join this easy-to-pick, hard-to-down-adventure with fun! Collect cards and start making your decks, then travel through Maraind, the Dragon of War in Skyrim and Clockwork City.

Elder Scrolls Adventure is on the rise. Turn-based strategy and card fighting games will take you on an epic CCG ride with Elder Scrolls: Legends. Download today!

Elders Scrolls: Legends Features:

Single player games content
– Turn based strategy with strategic games and single player modes.
– Learn the basics and basics of legends with a few hours of single gameplay and rewards.
– Explore ancient Scrolls promotions from fiction to the Dark Brotherhood
Clockwork City and more.
– Solo Arena to test your deck-building skills and one-off puzzle challenges for your packaging
The brain

Card Battle Games
– A strategy card game like no other, Legends features a split battlefield with “lanes”
Which allows for flexibility and choice, transforming the simple task of placing cards into one
Strategic strategy.
– Dual card games use runes and prophecies to turn a losing battle into an opportunity.
Miracle return with extra card drawings when you need them most.

CCG PVP competition
– Prepare your dual deck for ultimate intellectual rights and fight against other players
– Play card war games against friends online
– Climb the PVP ladder to the online ranked play and win the competitive arena
– A global weekend tournament involving players in the online card battle, The Gauntley Duel
Around the world against each other

Card collection
– Flatten your cards to strengthen your decks and suit your style of play.
– Collect cosmetic card backs and unique titles to celebrate your victory and success
For friends and foes

Always updated
– In the older scrolls: Legends, there’s always something to see:
– New cards are added every month
– Limited time event
– Daily and monthly login rewards
– Full stretch
– Continuous balance adjustment
– Legend’s metagam is fresh, interesting and always updated!
– Past expansions include: Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, Heroes of Skyrim, Return
Houses in Clockwork City and Moreind.

Collect your cards and prepare for battle in Elder Scrolls: Legend! Download now.

What’s new?

The latest version of The Elder Scrolls: Legends Live! This release brings long awaited return of events, enhanced viewer mode, gameplay fixes, user interface improvements and some balance changes!

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