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Texpand is an abbreviated extension typing aid that allows you to quickly enter frequently used phrases by typing short abbreviations. Texpand can help you save a few thousand keystrokes and a few hours a week by specifying abbreviations in frequently used phrases.

This application uses accessibility services.


Any It works with any software keyboard, voice input, physical keyboard or alternative accessibility text input device any text input method
Works on most applications (for apps that do not use the text input assistant see how to use it see Youtu.be/fNk_jDlwhlk)
Phrases Define 10 short descriptions of your most used phrases phrases without any limitation of character count.
⭐️ Simple overlay UI that lets you undo the spread of text insertions, multiple choice phrases
⭐️ Highly customized summary expansion options, you can change the expansion options on a per-compression basis
Let the window suggestion window choose between phrases with similar abbreviations while helping you learn your abbreviations
The Ra phrase list lets you choose from a variety of phrases by typing a few letters. Useful for quick response to texts 7
Ari variables make it easy to enter complex date formats or type the contents of the clipboard into a few letter abbreviations
Exclude apps from the Apps Overview
Tasker integration lets you create phrases rather than having built-in tasker variables.

Introducing Text Input Assistant (required by Nougat or later)

Text Input Assistant lets you drag and drop your textpand phrases into compatible apps like Google Docs, Gmail, Evernote, and Google Chrome. Just long press a phrase or clipboard item to start dragging and you can send it to a text field in the application below. See how it works here Herehttps://youtu.be/fNk_jDlwhlk

Text input assistant features

Quick Quick Settings can be easily turned on with the tile (need to be added manually) or with the accessibility button (Orio or later required)
Clip includes a clipboard manager that stores the last 15 copied items.
Drag You can drag and drop phrase or clipboard history items into an application that supports text and drop
Phrases Easily search your phrases or clipboard history
A Swipe to the left of a phrase or clipboard item to share, launch (requires unrefined Orio) or copy to clipboard

* Upgrade 500 clipboard items with unlimited summaries, phrase-lists, task integration and text input assistant in TextPand Plus

Permission details

Our Privacy Policy covers our use of the Accessibility API in detail. Read our Privacy Policy here: Texpandap.com/privacy_policy.html or about categories in Texpand’s settings

Darren Gabbert (single switch user) of the Center for Adaptive Computing Technology at the University of Missouri demonstrates how TextPand helps users with limited mobility in accessing text. See here: Youtu.be/9lLJiIGXr44

What’s new?

v 1.8.7:
– Fixed problem where overlay UI may disappear quickly in some cases
– [Oreo Only] Specific problems where phrases cannot be opened with their appropriate application
– Fixed issues with text input assistant clipboard history Old items were not deleted correctly
Setting Advanced setting explanation

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