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Tetris is a classic game that has become the basis of most puzzle games today. It is one of the most popular games of all time and as a result the game has been relaunched many times. Now the game is also available on smartphones. This time Tetris brings a slight twist to its standard gameplay which makes the gaming experience a bit more fluid.

Tetris control

Tetris controls have been newly modified and instead of securing where this Tetris block will fall, players will have to pick from a set list of spots where the blocks will fall. This enables the overall experience of the game to be taxed a bit less and it does so without losing the standard essence of the game.

Unlike any other Tetris game version, players can now get used to anticipating several new game modes. As with this version of Tetris, the game offers two main modes; Marathon and Galaxy Tetris where they need to set high scores. Games offer to post their scores on Facebook to compare with friends to see who the real champ is.

The main advantage

  • The game has traditional themed gameplay that clears the lines to make big scores.
  • Touch controls allow tetriminos to be positioned and rotated precisely.
  • Players can play at any time, including offline play.
  • The game offers players to choose from 50 avatars and 5 themes to show off their style.

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