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Tentacle Wars ™ APK Download

Tentacle Wars ™ APK Download

Interesting single player strategy game
Intense audiovisual experience
Based on popular flash games with 25 million fans

Ex 80 missions in an exceptional campaign mode
A malicious alien creature is about to die … Look deep inside, when it launches its ultimate defense program. Enter a microscopic world of cells, neurons and DNA tents. Control the latest antibody cells and save the entire species from extinction.

Imp Make the impossible possible
You can heal the organism by capturing enemy cells. To do this, draw a line between the green antibody and the red enemy cells. This will turn on DNA tentacles that extract energy from the core of enemy cells and eventually overwhelm them. Keep an eye on your energy supply and encourage your attacks by cutting tents. Capture all enemy cells to secure an area. All regions will heal and survive in life form …

Ur fierce enemy
Beware of an intelligent and wide-awake enemy that never gives up. To prevent your host’s death, you need to be artistic and master the art of “tentative warfare.”

Experience all new games
Easy to enter, hard to lower
HD display support
Microscopic World
Suspenseful environment
Sing 80 single player missions
. Original soundtrack
. Random random level generator
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