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Cut, curl, style or color the hair of the animated character of your choice in Toka Hair Salon 2 accessories among many other features.

This is a kid friendly app where the users of the application will be able to cut, color, curl and style their hair in any way they like using a variety of hair styling tools to suit their customers like a simple comb, scissors, hair straightener and curling iron. Tools include tools. For the male customers of your Fantasy Hair Salon, you can provide services like trimming their mustaches, spraying the mohaks and even giving the curls as per your choice.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake in cutting the hair of one of your characters too much and just use a special tonic called GRW and they will come back in a second. You can prep and refresh your characters with cool things like glasses, and hats.

Features of Tap Hair Salon 2:

The key features included in Tap Hair Salon 2 are as follows.

  • 6 All new characters
  • Great styling tools like curling iron, crimper, hair straightener and razor.
  • Toka Hair Salon 2 Standing provides hair color spy effects that combine with each other to create new shades.
  • Choose from accessories like hats and glasses among many others.
  • Amazing photo backdrops.
  • Beautiful animation.
  • Real hair styling to create any style that suits players.

Tap Hair Salon 2 has a few more features, including haircuts and trimming with an electric hair trimmer, washing hair with shampoo, showering and drying with a towel. Choose different hair colors and even combine these colors to create new ones. When the player styles a character, the character makes funny noises and funny faces.

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