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Tekken Arena is a multiplayer role-playing game with combat elements. It is a step-by-step format war game that involves famous Tekken characters. This is a fighting strategy in the world of Taken. Choose any fighter and train with it.

The story of the Tekken Arena revolves around the story of the international organization G-Corporation. Which is conducting MMA competitions around the world to recruit the greatest fighters in the world holding big and players need to prepare their characters for the upcoming tournament. Perform the given tasks, take part in championships and gain popularity for being a great fighter.

Characters like Dr. Boskanovich and Feng Wei, who can’t play anything, also appear in the game. But you can’t compete against them because they’re only there to support the takeaway arena story.

Takecan Arena gameplay

Players need to focus on all aspects while training their characters for big games. Not like the others Tekken Games Involved in straight-up fights, Tekken Arena focuses more on building your fighter rather than fighting alone. In addition, the characters can customize their statistics in one of two categories.

Fighting department

Play the following fights on the Tekken arena:

  • Boxing.
  • Karate.
  • Kung Fu.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  • Wrestling.

Disciplined skills can be influenced by level-ups (3 points for allocating each level), equipping different gloves and winning street fights by successfully recruiting apprentices.


  • Stamina (affects HP)
  • Striking (affects boxing, karate and kung fu)
  • Jumping (affects Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling)
  • Defense

Strength is increased in training, where players spend money to increase stats over time and increase stat limits.


There are two modes available in the Tekken arena:

  • Use power and battle points (BP) at boss fight events. Winning results in Money, XP and Items.
  • Using Battle Points (BP) to challenge other players in strip fight XP and showdowns for money, the player has the potential to be hired as an apprentice if he wins.
  • The championship uses BP to enter tournaments to get strong gloves and promotions, around or disciplinary (with different requirements).

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