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Tactical War: Tower Defense Game APK Download

Tactical War: Tower Defense Game APK Download

Test your skills in this new tower defense game! Defend your base against countless waves of enemies!

Do you prefer strategy games where you should defend your base using tower defenses? Do you have a passion for war games that makes you think about every step you take?
Strategy Defense – An interesting strategy, the best example of tower defense games. This hard game in military style is made for TD games fans who like to think about every action. As well as many other war games the tactical defense game demands quick thinking, careful planning and does not forgive mistakes.

In this TD game you are the commander of Fortified Bunker, which loses time and space. Your goal is to defend the base by any means using World War II-era weapons and covert technology. You’re going to build tower defenses by hitting infantry, motorized and tank division attacks of ruthless and artistic enemies.

War games are not the most neglected entertainment. Base protection requires your attention and tough decisions every second, your defense towers need constant improvement. To be successful in this challenging TD game you need to remember the skills gained in all the strategy games you have ever played.

Combat strategy games and especially TD games require quick thinking and proper coordination of all actions. And you must obey the rules of this challenging battle – your only goal is to save the shelter with the help of defense towers.

Highlights of the strategy defense game:
– Properly surviving “military” style of combat strategy games (special “gray” stylistics dilute your colorful monotony!)
– 4 types of defense towers with upgrades
– Special skills will help in tough game situations
– Destroy landscape objects to create the perfect tower defense (contribute to natural disasters!)
– 15 well balanced levels (and many more to come!)
– Atmospheric music and effects
– Text hints between levels will help you win this tower defense game.
– Intuitive and usable controls
– 8 strong enemies with their own strong and weak sides

The game was renamed “Strategic V” to “Strategic V”.

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