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With System App Remover, users can now not only remove applications from the system, but also have the following features.

  • Uninstall the user app.
  • Move applications to SD card.
  • Moving applications to phone.
  • Scan APKs on SD card, install and delete with Routing Guide.

Apps have been tested on hundreds of phones to filter out which still makes many devices unsteady after uninstalling. Use the app safely. System App Remover also provides backups of uninstalled applications so that they can be easily recovered from the Recycle Bin.

The application allows the user to classify ify in the following ways

  • Cloud removal.
  • Should be kept.
  • Key module.

This sorting pout allows the user to permanently clear an application. The app also provides the feature of moving multiple applications simultaneously to make it easier to clear mobile space. After removing the application, even the smallest available memory space is found back on the phone.

Moving applications to SD card:

If you grant the system app root access remover. You can then transfer multiple apps or even all applications to the SD card with a simple click. Applications can be moved to the following locations with the following sorting and search features.

  • Transfer applications to phone memory.
  • Sorting is easy because it can be made by movable type, name size or even time.
  • Users can select applications with the following list formats.
    • Installation time.
    • Package name.
    • APK Path
  • It also shows the details of the app like installation time, size, package and APK path.
  • Open other applications from System App Remover.
  • Search for apps in the market.
  • Search for a file on its website by its APK name, package name or simply the name of the app.

APK manager for the application:

System App Remover helps

  • Scan all APKs on the card.
  • Install any APL file.
  • Search for an APK file.
  • An APK file is being renamed.
  • Remove an APK file from the directory.
  • Delete these completely to search for duplicate APL files only.
  • Search for QAPK files App market.

Application usage:

  • Uninstall multiple apps with a single click.
  • Backing up and restoring deleted applications.
  • Scanning all APKs on SD card.
  • Search for apps on the market or on the website.
  • If users are constantly annoyed by ads, they can turn them off from setup with a single click.

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