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100 million installs powerful, Swift WiFi # 1 Free Portable WiFi Hotspot App Mobile. Download Swift WiFi – Free WiFi hotspot and enjoy the free WiFi app to find and connect you with shared WiFi around the world.
With millions of free WiFi hotspots shared by our users around the world, you can easily and securely connect to WiFi Master – Swift WiFi: Free WiFi Hotspots.
Swift WiFi offers you the nearest WiFi hotspot option, which includes free WiFi hotspots and passwords shared by our users worldwide. Before you connect to any new WiFi, we recommend using our security check function to protect your privacy and property protection.
Swift WiFi – Free WiFi Hotspot is not just a free WiFi sharing app, but a WiFi Master (WiFi optimization tool) that can improve WiFi performance, connect to the WiFi connection with the best signal.

Connect WiFi
Scan and search for free WiFi hotspots around you, connect to WiFi hotspots with just one click. WiFi concessions are easy, quest and secure.
WiFi protection
The WiFi connection will be secure and reliable. We keep you away from unsafe WiFi hotspots and ensure the security of connected WiFi while you’re in an unfamiliar environment
WiFi Speed ​​Test (WiFi Master)
Show the real-time speed of the connected WiFi hotspot, know your speed status at any time. We will provide you the best WiFi hotspots to ensure you a better internet experience.
Smart WiFi
With the Smart WiFi function, you can set specific modes to turn WiFi on / off in different situations to save battery.
Share WiFi
Share free wifi hotspots: You can add free wifi hotspots by sharing wifi passwords with other users.
Share a personal WiFi hotspot: Share your mobile network with friends while your phone serves as a portable hotspot.
Easy due part
No mobile data required, you can instantly share files with face-to-face friends.

Features of Swift WiFi – Free WiFi Hotspot:
Free wireless – Internet facility
WiFi connection is free. Swift WiFi – Free WiFi hotspots provide millions of free WiFi hotspots nearby and you can connect to WiFi hotspots without having to worry about passwords.
Secure wifi
Swift WiFi – Free WiFi Hotspot provides reliable WiFi service and protects your WiFi security. We don’t hack WiFi or do anything like WiFi hackers. All WiFi is secure, some are free WiFi hotspots, others are hotspots shared by our users.
Easy and fast
Just one click to search for free WiFi hotspots and shared WiFi hotspots, then tap to connect to WiFi hotspots.
Easy to use
The interface is generous in its general operational approach and is available in 35+ languages ​​across 223 countries and territories.
All over the world
With millions of free WiFi shared by our users around the world, you can connect to free WiFi while traveling or in places like cafes, subways and other places.

Our vision:
With the rise of the sharing economy, things are no longer owned but shared. We aim to become the number one WiFi sharing app on Google Play by creating a trusted platform for sharing WiFi access with each other. With over 50 million users sharing and contributing to our community, the availability of free WiFi is growing internationally. So, let’s join the world’s largest WiFi sharing community today! With your help there will be more shared WiFi and help you instead of connecting!

If you’re mistaken for downloading Swift WiFi (like save your battery life against viruses, adware), please let us know and don’t download our app. Meanwhile, if you can find a problem solver together with us, it is really helpful. Our e-mail: [email protected]

We highly value your feedback, if you have any questions or new questions about this WiFi hotspot and WiFi sharing application, please let us know. If you like our app, please rate it 5 stars.
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