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The Swift WiFi provides free WiFi hotspots at your location as well as a WiFi test and provides a phone speed booster. This app is effective when you are in a public place and want to access free public internet hotspots around your location. It provides you with nearby WiFi hotspot options, including free WiFi hotspots and passwords shared by other users. This way you get a mapped pool of WiFi hotspots displayed in the app.

In addition to free WiFi mapping, this application also works as a WiFi tester. With the application you can search for any free WiFi hotspot and once connected to it you can check the speed, signal and security of the connected network directly from the application interface. This will show you the options that allow you to share WiFi passwords with other users.

Swift uses WiFi and its multiple features

The list of WiFi hotspots displayed in this app is user generated and updated. Suppose you download and use this app to search for free WiFi hotspots that you have connected and have fun with. The next time you find a unique hotpot, you can upload its details to Swift WiFi to improve search results and show other users who visit the same place and connect using the details you provide.

Swift WiFi displays all the local WiFi around via WiFi mapping of your GPS and phones. It will display all available WiFi hotspots that are either free or require a password to log in. Those whose passwords are available will be displayed with specific WiFi. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

The Swift WiFi app offers built-in WiFi testers that tell you signal strength and WiFi speed. It helps you understand WiFi security and tells you if it’s safe to connect to the network in question. It has a built-in speed booster that detects and shuts down apps that are consuming RAM and draining the battery.

This app is a great and effective tool especially for people who travel a lot. Download this app now by clicking the download button above and start exploring the free WiFi networks around you. Comment below and let us know if you were able to get a free network around you. For more, try using WiFi related applications WiFi tester.

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