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Download Superuser Update Fixer APP v1.2. This application was created to fix update issues with signatures that do not match Superuser.apk in your application and Superuser.apk on the market. If successful, this app will allow you to update from the market even if you have problems before.

By the developer: Special thanks to Joel Bauerquard for the technical support of writing this and @fitnegly on Twitter for the icon.

Note: This application requires a busy box. A stable build of busybox is included in the application, but only used if you have not already installed busybox. The included version should work on most phones. If this doesn’t work for you, please email me at the link below so we can make it work.

Support request emails that simply say “doesn’t work” or some of that effect are automatically deleted by our stupidity filter and will not be answered.

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