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Super Cooler is a CPU cooler, which monitors CPU temperature and detects overheated apps. You can also reduce CPU usage, lag or lag issues by killing applications that take up heavy resources. Cool your phone and extend battery usage. The super cooler has the following features (completely free):

Real time temperature monitoring
Monitor CPU temperature in real time. Display phone temperature using live graphs.

Identify overheating apps
Automatically detect overheating applications with special algorithms, search for the most resource-intensive applications.

– Tap to reduce CPU usage at once:
You can reduce CPU usage and cool down the phone with just one tap.

Unlike other CPU coolers, we use a special algorithm that can cool your phone more efficiently. Our additional heating protection algorithms make your phone safer to use and save on battery usage. Meanwhile, the super cooler is also a smart choice when your phone is backwards or laggy. Our goal is to make Super Cooler the best CPU cooler on the market.

What causes the phone to overheat?
Overheating can occur after prolonged use of over-the-counter applications or games, or after running multiple applications at the same time. Some troublesome applications that use extra troublesome access may cause overheating. So you need a CPU cooler to monitor your phone.

What are the harmful effects of overheating?
High phone temperatures can cause your device to react slowly or crash. Prolonged overheating can speed up your phone’s aging process by shortening your battery life. More serious, over-prolonged periods of overheating can lead to potential safety issues.

If you have any questions about the Super Cooler CPU Cooler, please email us here: [email protected]

What’s new?

1. Some bugs caused by overheating have been fixed;
2. Improve cooling performance;
3. Optimize endless cooling animation effects
4. Some minor bugs are flawed

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