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v2.9: 3. Support Polsky, France 2. History Cleaner (requires browser history permission)
If it shuts down, please clear or uninstall the data in a super box on the “Manage Applications” screen and reinstall it.

1 in 10 apps.
A super box
Help you to manage your phone easily and efficiently A Super Box Improve the performance of your phone, it is the best Android assistant.

—– .—– 1. Memory / CPU monitor
– Display:
1: Memory data, CPU data.
2: SD card storage capacity, phone storage capacity.
3: Battery indicator / battery status
Am RAM booster (memory booster): 1 click to free memory.

–. 2. Battery information: –
Displays the time remaining for For:
-TalkTime 、 AudioTime 、 VideoTime 、 Web surfing time and idle time.
Battery health.
Battery accent.
Battery widget support.

– 3. Application installer—–
Your scans your “SD card” and lists the applications.
Long click to delete or send the Delete app.

★ .——- 4. Installer: ——–
Atch Batch Uninstall Apps.
It’s also an application manager: input keywords to quickly find your applications.
B. Backup Application file File Manager (SDcard / Application_Backup) Restore your applications from the SD card. Notice: It can only backup APK files.

—— .– 5 App 2 SD (Android 2.2 or higher)-
Application 2SD lets you transfer applications to SD (from APPS to SD card).
– List all the apps that can be transferred to SD card.
Help you to save your memory (internal phone storage).

6.– 6. Cache Cleaner ——–
Free up your internal memory (phone memory).
Apps Listed applications contain cache files.
Show total cache size.
C1 Click to clear all cached files (Clear cache files).
Specified Clear the cache for a specific application.
Size Select applications by size or name.
History Search History Eraser (History Cleaner / Clean): 1 tap to delete history data, delete web history (web browser history), map search history, earth history, youtube history, clipboard data, market history, gmail history etc. your phone Clear up. Memory free and space free.

7.– 7. Task Killer-
Task Killer (Task Manager) allows you to quickly kill processes on your Android. It speeds up your phone and shows all the running processes while saving your battery.
* Ignore list
* Show memory and strength
* Notification.
* A touch killer widget
* “Kill Service” button for Freo (2.2 or 2.3)
* Uninstall / switch / in detailed applications

——– .Setting-
With the Settings tool you can increase the battery life (increase the battery life) your It improves your battery performance.
Reset your phone and improve your battery life. This is one of the best battery saver tools.
Screen Set Screen timeout time / screen brightness.
Ol Volume Control: Ranger Volume, Notification Volume, Media Volume, Alarm Volume, Voice Call Volume, System Volume.
Inger ring control: Silent mode, Vibration mode, Sound Oli mode.
PS GPS receiver / GPS setting
-Set Wi-Fi
Bluetooth set Bluetooth / Auto-sync data / Airplane mode
G2G / 3G Toggle (Mobile Data

—— .——- 9. File Manager / SDcard Manager ——-
Quick File Manager / File Explorer handles your SD card easily.
Browse your SD card.
Apps shows apps / music / videos / images.
Uto out_scan function.
– Open / copy / cut / rename / delete / share your files.
File transfer
App / APK Manager

–. 10. Application Security ——–
Keep your phone safe.
Safe Application SafeGuard helps you scan the app’s permissions.
Apps Find apps that can cost you money (send SMS messages, call phone numbers directly, etc.)
– Automatically scan when new applications are installed.
Apps Search for apps that can access your personal information (read GPS location, contact data …)
Search apps that can access information about the network, modify the contents of the SD card ify
. One is similarly searched as all applications –

What’s new?

1. Some bugs have been fixed. Update Taskiller. Update application billing
1. Doctor / DocX, XLS / XLXX, PPT / PPTX. 2. Supportport Frances and Polsky. 3. “Select Language” Function 4. History Cleaner (requires browser history permission)
Optimize App 2 SD and File Manager Support PDF.
Fix bugs in 2.3.32 Automatic rotation function in settings.
Remove GPS permission.

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