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The application allows citizens to electronically and directly access messages, decisions and other important messages provided by authorities to their phones. Citizens no longer wait for letters to arrive and submit documents in folders. Instead, all your official mail is always readily available on an electronic channel. Communicating with the authorities has never been so straightforward. You can also use the application to submit additional information to the authorities, for example related to the application you have made. Messages between your phone and servers will be encrypted – ensuring that the use of the application will be reliable and secure. The service is provided by digital and population data service organizations.

When using the service for the first time, the application requires strong authentication with a banking ID, a mobile certificate or an ID card. After that, you’ll need the PIN code set for your application.

You can use the application with a maximum of five active devices. You can manage your device in application settings. The app can be used by one user at a time on the same phone.

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