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Your partner has been robbed by a gang, you can help run after them to catch the robbers.
As soon as you run, dodge the obstacles that come your way.
Chase the thief without, throw the bottle and catch them for kicking!
Avoid obstacles by jumping and sliding on the roads,
Hit and kick them with the things you have chosen in your way
Hold them all to retrieve the handbag.
Hundreds of missions have to be played if you get tired of running after robbers.
Missions are unique objectives with a variety of game types.
Progress through the roadmap by completing the following types of missions:
Chase Runner, Throw Bottle, Kick Ball, Coin Collection, Item Collection, Word Search and Bring It Back.
Compete online with other street surfers based on your skills.
You can play online with up to eight players at once.
Collect coin rewards based on the rank you get in multiplayer missions.
Endless runner mode to chase all the robbers one by one.
In this endless running game you can collect more coins and use them to increase your power.
Play daily challenges to collect rewards like Lucky Wheel Spin, Coins and Live.
Recent major updates have completely refreshed the game with several new heroes and features.
Online multiplayer runner game refreshing new roads and buildings.
Update this version to existing users to enjoy more free lives and rewards
Game Features
* Ten robbers
* Dozens of select heroes
* Addictive missions with many kinds of games
* Chase run, mission and multiplayer game mode
* Choose your avatar
* Power up with increased
* Compete with friends
* Control Swift and play games
* Realistic and great 3D graphics

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