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EasyQuite is a free app to help you break your smoking habit.
It has the following features:Money statistics
Watch your pockets grow and see how much money you have saved without smoking.
Set Yourself a great treat for yourself or a gift for your partner or niece, add a personal photo to it and help the app see how long it will last. This will motivate you and help keep you smoke free.

Memory game
Is there an urge to smoke? Help Ezequiel pass a scientifically proven 3 minute mark by providing you with a great game of memory with beautiful icons and overcoming your urge to smoke a cigarette.

Slowly stop smoking mode
Can you quit smoking now because nicotine dependence is so strong? No problem!
Easy Exit has a full “slow mode” to help you quit smoking slowly.
This will create a customized plan to get rid of the smoke without any pain or stress. It has up to 5 reminders to help you stick to your quitting plan and successfully become a smoker without any nicotine addiction.

Earn 57 different badges as a reward for quitting smoking and use these as an inspirational support tool. If you share your progress with your friends through the screenshot option of Eziquate, they can help you stay strong against nicotine addiction.

Personalize EasyQuite by choosing any one of the 20 beautiful colors provided. This will add some personal touch to your experience and help your smoke-free journey.

Scientific statistics
See the improvement in all aspects of your health as a result of your great decision to stop this bad habit of smoking. Statistics include: blood circulation, mental health, oxygen levels, taste and smell, nicotine dependence, as well as reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.
Based on all scientific research 100% and millions of people who successfully quit smoking and overcame their nicotine addiction.
All countdown timers for all your health aspects to see how much time you have left.

Personal motivation
Be more personal by creating your own motivations and reminding you to keep the app randomly positive and help keep you on track for a smoke-free ride. This will help you to break this habit forever.

Scientific tips
The best and most successful scientific tips for quitting smoking are summarized in this smoking app. You can see these great ways to click a dice and get a random tip every time.

Privacy protected
100% privacy. Not logged in. All your data is stored on your phone and can never be read by anyone.

Beautiful design
★ Best design on the market in line with beautiful icons and Google Metal Design guidelines.
Home Great widgets to keep on your home screen and always save your money by quitting smoking and your time as a smoke free person makes the smoke free app the best on the Android market see

Phones Your saved means automatic choice of currency based on the language of your phone

I hope my smoking cessation app helps you not smoke forever and free you from this bad habit. So don’t wait, quit now or quit smoking slowly and EasyQuite will help you to be healthy and happy.

What’s new?

Design improvements and privacy policy updates.

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