stc pay APK Download

stc pay APK Download

stc pay your secure integrated digital wallet. In addition to new and innovative features designed to enhance and present existing, socio-economic behavior solutions – you can now safely and effortlessly perform all your general financial transactions in one application. For example, Street Pay Digital Wallet allows you to transfer, receive, make purchases, manage your expenses, yet, you can use the shared wallet feature – whatever your friends or family – with your contact list. Groups can share that and many more using your virtual account via digital wallet.

STC Salary Features:

Easily and securely pay for your purchases to a growing number of partners in stores, restaurants, gas stations and more. Scan the QR code at the cashier, or show your personal QR code to the cashier to scan.

From wallet to wallet:
Instantly and freely, whether from family or friends, send and receive money from and to your contact list. All they have to do is create a City Pay account!

City Bill Settlement and Soya Recharge:
Settle your SC bills directly and recharge any CHA prepaid card effortlessly.

Transfer to local bank:
Transfer money to any bank account in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

International Transfers (Western Union):
Securely transfer money internationally, directly to a bank account, or instantly receive cash anywhere in the Western Union.

Card-less ATM withdrawals:
Just withdraw money from ATM machines using your mobile and any card.

Create a shared account:
Share and track group expenses with family, friends, and colleagues by adding users from your contact list.

APK Download

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