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Play the free RPG version “Star Traders RPG” before you buy Elite and enjoy a few hours of turn-based strategy for free! Trace Brothers never runs ads on our games – enjoy an ad-free, permission-free experience!

Order your officers and crew from the bridge of your star ship during travel, trade and battle across the Lots of Star Traders Quadrant. Apply different strategies as a killer, benti hunter, trader, pirate or smuggler. Can you manage enough of your resources, crew and officers to turn a profit in a complex economy that exists across ongoing inter-centric conflicts?

Elite version upgrade and experience! You can copy all your captains to the given version! The elite include more than 200 new planets, more than 2,000 new sectors in the galaxy, more than 400 new ships, double rumors and officials and more unique industries.

This epic space pirate RPG provides a deep and challenging world and economy to the Star Trading captain. You must navigate the waters of quadrangle politics and choose sides between rival parties, or be free to take risks. Enjoy endless replay value in this deep space CV and trading simulation that allows you to take any path as a captain. Use the great shipping lanes to act as pirates against merchants, join the solar war as a military captain, or hunt targets across the square as a formidable grace hunter!

Star Traders is a turn-based strategy role-playing game (RPG) inspired by games like Spain Trader, Master of Orion, Elite and many more classic titles. If you enjoy retro games, adventures and strategies with intricate depths like games, action RPGs or sci-fi RPGs like Master of Orion, you can enjoy Star Traders space trading simulations.

Our development team is actively developing and updating this indie RPG based on your feedback and is regularly updated with new content, features and modifications. Email us with suggestions or bugs!

Here’s what you can do as a Star Trading Captain in RPG:
– Explore more than 300 planets
– Trades and operates in complex and deep economies in our economic simulator
– Buy, sell and fight over 600 unique Starcraft
– Customize and design your spacecraft with over 60 upgrades
– Fully customize your captain (selected from 6 classes), officers and spaceships
– Read the comments to see Star Trader rated as one of the best RPGs by many players

Experience Elite Upgrades: Epic new content includes 2,000 new sectors, 200 extra planets and hundreds of additional ships, more rumors, art boards and officers. And you can copy any captain from Star Traders (Free) to Elite!

The command of your ship is under constant threat both internally and externally. Can you manage your resources, crew, officers enough to make a profit?



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