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Splitwise APK download
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Splitwise is an easy way to stop spending with friends and family and stop pushing “who’s who”. Millions of people around the world use SplitViews to organize group bills on family, trips and more.

Great for Splitwise:
– Roommate split rent and apartment bills
– Group trips around the world
– Divide the leisure room for skiing or on the beach
– Marriage and undergraduate / graduate parties
– Couples spend to share
– Friends and colleagues who often go out to lunch or dinner
– Ans and IOU among friends
– And much more

SplitViews is easy to use:
– Create group or personal friendships for any split situation
– Add costs, IU or unofficial debts to any currency, including support for offline access
– Expenses are backed up online so anyone can log in, view their balances and add expenses
– Keep track of who pays next, or set up using cash payment recordings or our integrations

“Makes it easy to share everything from your dinner bill to rental rentals.” – The NY Times
“Fundamental aw for financial search – Financial Times
“I never fight a roommate with a bill because of this talent cost-sharing app” – Business Insider
“You can download the single best app for any single group trip” – thriller

Here are our industry-leading features:
– Multiple platform support for Android, iOS and the web
– Simplify debts in a simple payment plan
– Expenditure classification
– Calculate the total of the group
– Export to CSV
– Direct comments about expenses
– Divide expenses equally or unequally by percentage, share or exact amount
– Add informal debts and IOUs
– Create monthly, weekly, yearly, fortnightly recurring bills
– Add multiple providers at a single cost
– View total balance with one person across multiple groups and individual expenses
– Custom user avatars
– Photo cover for the group
– Activity feeds and push notifications help you stay on top of change
– View your edit history to change costs
– A deleted group or bill can be easily recovered
– World class customer support
– Return using our consolidated payments: Venmo and PayPal (US only), Paytm (India only)
– 100+ currencies and growing
– 7+ supported languages

Get the Splitwise Pro for more amazing features!
– Convert expenses to different currencies using our open exchange rate consolidation
– “Spend by category” access to budgeting tools and other charts
– OCR integration for scanning and itemizing receipts
– Store high-resolution receipts in the cloud (10 GB cloud storage)
– Backups in JSN, downloadable from our website
– Search the full cost history
– Save default split

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