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More than just a simple speed test, NFUR brings you the best and most complete mobile connection quality measurement tool for speeds of 1 GB / sec!

Full QoS test and network speed indicator: In just a few seconds, check your bitrate speed (check download and upload), latency, browsing speed, and video streaming quality on your mobile device.

Comparison function: Compare your results with other users and with each provider with real time barometer.

Interactive Maps: Check network coverage and carrier performance in your area (EE, Tin, O2, Vodafone). Ideal for measuring your internet coverage!

Network Monitor: Be aware of data speed in real time at the top of your mobile screen (status bar). Reporting usage of your data plan (in notification).

A sliding menu (hamburger icon in the top left corner) lets you test network speed indicators separately, such as:
– Network Speed ​​Test (Download Delay, Upload and Bit Rate)
– Browsing test – Website loading speed
– Streaming test

All your results are saved in history with all test locations on a map. Easily share images of your results on social networks that present a useful summary of your test. Customize your app by switching to the background theme using settings.

Future relies on top-of-the-line homemade technology and a wordwide high speed server network that can provide you with the bitrate you need to test connection speeds. With encryption you don’t have to overhaul your data plan: with a lot of customization, the test speed takes up 2 times less data than the test. Also, any data indicator will notify you if you exceed the monthly threshold you can set in the menu settings.

In a nutshell, with NFUR with you:
– A reliable network speed indicator for testing WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE bands
– With a proper test for your internet reception: delay, upload and download
– Test the best network speed to measure your internet coverage and your internet reception. Check your wifi easily!
– Best WiFi, 2G, 3G and 4G LTE speed tests to measure your bit rate.

Who has ever asked themselves about the quality of their WiFi signal or the speed of their WiFi network? Provides these answers with the connection speed test of number.

All connection types can be tested for more than 1 GB / sec!
2G, 3G, 4G, Wimax, WiFi and Ethernet speed tests.
All WiFi technology supported. WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / ac dual-band, tri-band and quad-band
All LTE technologies are supported. LTE, LTE Advanced Dual-Band, Tri-Band and much more

3G / 4G coverage and speed map:
United States: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless.
Canada: Bell, MTS, Roger Wireless, Videotron, Sastkel, Telus, Window.
Malaysia: Cellcom, DG, Maxis, U Mobile.
Singapore: Mobilone, Single, Starhub.
And many more countries around the world!

Check your internet reception (bit rate) with our connection speed test, diagnose connection issues and keep your internet service providers and carriers honest! Easily measure your speed wifi network!

Permission details
Access to photos / media / files is mandatory for Google Maps cache and photo storage. Other files do not have access.
Device ID and call information are used to generate a UID for each device. No personal information is used. IMEIT is used for UID generation but in no way is it transmitted or stored.

We need you
We are looking for Speed ​​Test Servers:
If you represent a hoster or ISP organization and would like to support the Encrof project by providing a speed test server, please contact us.

We are looking for translators: Your native language is not yet supported? Do you want to contribute to the number project? If you want to translate Npur in your language, please contact us. You will receive lifetime premium subscriptions on all platforms.

What’s new?

– Upload fixed

– Minor bugs fixed
– New language.

– The test engine was completely redeveloped to be more precise and to be updated more frequently in the future.
– Added cancel button
– Minor bugs fixed

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