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The world’s smallest speed booster app that helps you increase the speed of your phone with one tap! Speed ​​Booster can instantly optimize your phone’s performance, including speeding up web browsing, improving the gaming experience, prolonging your battery, clearing cache, and removing junk. Our main features are CPU Performance Optimization, Junk File Cleaner, RAM Booster, Battery Booster and Game Speed ​​Booster.

What can we do for you?
Speed ​​Booster can clean up junk files, fix device lagging issues, and cool your CPU temperature to increase its durability!

Speed ​​booster features:

Powerful booster with no deceptive animations
With a smaller size of 2MB, Booster gives you more space for videos and photos. You can even speed up your phone with just 1 tap!

☆ Small
The ultra-small installation package makes Speed ​​Booster a relatively easy Android application. Despite being small and simple, Speed ​​Booster packs more power than any other booster app, ensuring that your phone is always in optimal performance.

☆ Fast
Speed ​​Booster can optimize and speed up your Android phone with just 1-tap. Speed ​​Booster can also scan your phone for cache and junk files and clean them to speed up your phone’s processing.

The user interface of Speed ​​Booster is simple and intuitive, it is user-friendly to clear your phone’s RAM and easy to clean cache and junk files.

Main functions:

CPU Cooler – Clean applications that cause excessive heating of the phone
CPU Cooler can cool your device by cleaning up unnecessary applications, which drastically improves your device’s CPU performance. No root access is required to cool the CPU with this light tool.

K Junk File Cleaner – Clean all types of junk files to empty storage
Junk File Cleaner can clean up cache and junk files that take up your memory and storage space, which can help boost and optimize your phone’s speed and performance.
(E.g., remaining files, cache files, temp files, obsolete APKs and other large files)

Free RAM Booster – Clear RAM and optimize phone speed
The free RAM booster function can clean up junk files and free up RAM to prevent your phone from slowing down and slowing down! No root access is required to enhance the phone with this light tool.

Battery booster
The battery booster function optimizes battery usage, reduces charging time, and reduces power consumption. Always use it frequently to avoid using the battery charger and to extend the life of your battery charger. Try now to make your battery last longer and use the battery charger less.

🎮 Game speed booster
Game Speed ​​Booster can instantly speed up your game. No root access is required to increase your speed with this light tool.

No ads
Speed ​​Booster has no ads, so your phone screen is always clean and free of annoying ads!

Speed ​​Booster improves the performance of your device, clears cache and junk files, speeds up processing and is completely free without ads!
Install Speed ​​Booster now and you can enjoy a faster and faster phone with just 1-tip!

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