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Sound meter is also known as noise level meter, decibel meter (dB meter), noise meter, noise pressure level level meter (SPL meter).

This application will use the phone microphone to measure environmental noise decibels (dB) and display a value for reference.
With this application you can easily measure the current level of noise in the environment. General operation and easy to use.

High decibel values ​​will be detrimental to your physical and mental health and hearing function. You wanted to avoid exposure in a noisy environment.
To protect the health of you and your family, identify the decibel value now!

– Indicates decibels by gauge
– Display current word references
– Display minute / average / maximum decibel values
– Display decibels via graphic
– Can calibrate decibels for each device

Sound level in decibels (dB) according to the American Academy of Audiology:
140 dB – Gunshots, fireworks
130 dB – Jackhammers, Ambulance
120 dB – Jet planes leaving
110 dB – concert, car horn
100 dB – Snowmobiles
90 dB – Power equipment
80 dB – alarm clock
70 dB – traffic
60 dB – General Conversation
50 dB – Moderate rainfall
40 dB – quiet library
30 dB – Whisper
20 dB – rusty leaves
10 dB – Breathing

What’s new?

* Fix user feedback bugs
* Optimize word detection

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