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Sonic, the world-famous fastest runner Sonic Forces: Speed ​​is back in battle. Compete in this game and run against real-time players around the world. Set speed, attack, traps and dodge against others to master the speed

The Sonic Forces game has all the features from the Sonic: The Hedgehog franchise. The settings that all fans of this amazing game are familiar with are amazing power-ups, which can provide any player with different skills and all the characters like knuckles and tails.

Sonic Forces uses power-ups to slow down other players. This includes throwing fireballs or setting traps for them. However, players should be aware of all the settings that are necessary to avoid their obstacles and then take advantage of all the turbos that come their way.


Features for Sonic Force: Speed ​​Battle is below.

Sonic forces fight to win:

Players need to run fast on the track’s grind rails and dashpads. Try to drive other racers into obstacles and baddinks. Win trophies to unlock new challenging tracks for opponents by attacking it with fireballs, tornadoes, lightning, mines and many more.

Race with Sonic Team:

Start racing with a specific Sonic Force character after choosing characters like Sonic, Tail, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow and many more. Race to unlock new and exciting rare charters such as Vector and Omega. Take part in a competition to earn rings to upgrade a character. Complete various missions to earn external rewards. Be the top one on the leader boards.

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