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Your favorite fizzy dark crawler is back! The Dark Lord locks all sorts of legendary items, loot and goodies in his castle, leaving behind monsters, traps and seemingly endless guards of betrayal. Frustrated? Not for you – you’ll be safe on the night you hire soda junkies to do the dirty work for you. Take what they bring back to upgrade your temple, city and arsenal to attract powerful explorers then build your city, assemble a strong team and see if you can build it to the next level through the darkness and beyond. .

On the way to your joy band, soda-fueled minis will encounter trumping skeletons, angry chefs, dark lords, dark lords and an angel who is really trying his best. They don’t just find timers, life systems or pay-walls. Everything can be bought with in-game currency because it is just the way to soda darkness.

Custom AI Patterns! – Dumb-on-rock NPC allies sick? We too. Create custom treats for your party using soda scripts! Even when you are not looking at their shoulders, they are doing exactly what they want.

Craft Gear – Craft new armor and weapons for the two brave deeds you hire. Look for rare materials deep in the castle of Dark Lords to create all new items.

Play while in AFK – is there any life outside of the soda dungeon? No problem. Gain battle credits while you’re away and leave them for loot when you return. You’re collecting resources even when you’re not playing!

Build your home base – Gathering the best party will take more than a shaver at the moment. Create a blacksmith net, a wizard’s shop, a arena and more to unlock your team’s true potential.

There’s always more to do – we’ve heard you. You wanted to climb more mountains. You wanted to achieve more goals. You … wanted to help people clear rats from their property ¯ (_ (ツ) _ / you Lucky you, because the NPCs in Soda Darkness 2 are ready to cough up strangely valuable rewards instead of completing a wealth of side-searches!

‘What is a soda black hole?’
The Soda dungeon is a turn-based dungeon crawler where you hire a team of adventurers to operate the dungeon on your behalf. Through looting they will find you that you will build your city, attract better heroes and find out how deep the dungeon hole is going.

Experiment with confidence – mix and match classes, try out plenty of gear and send them to battle. But don’t be afraid, everyone returns home safely with all the spoils of your hard earned money. Defeat is the only part of the game 🙂

Free and Drop – Everything can be earned through in-game currency. There is no loot box. But if you want to raise the level faster, we may have a few special upgrades for you to realize.

Cross-platform play – Play on your mobile phone, tablet or Steam and keep your saved file with you wherever you like to play. We said it in the “cloud”.

Automatic Fighting – Feeling Lazy? We get it Set up your party, flip over the auto-battle and spread the battle rolls You deserve a break.

ANProductions is a one man studio that has been developing all kinds of games for over a decade.

PoxPower wants to know that he, too, has been developing games for a long time, perhaps 11 years.

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