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Snapchat is a fast way to send photos, as well as video chat on the go. The photos and videos self-destruct feature means your friends can’t reshare photos shared via Snapchat. Enjoy fast and fun mobile conversations!

Snap a photo or video, add a caption, and send it to a friend. They will see it, laugh and then the snap will disappear from the screen. You can add a snap like your story Instagram With one tap to share your day with all your friends. Life is more fun when you live in the moment.

Log in and snap your first snap

After you download and install Snapchat, you first need to create an account with a valid email address. There is no Facebook or Google login option. You don’t have to “friend” your friends in the Snapchat app to share items. In fact, you can send a “snap” to anyone you find through Snapchat’s search tool or someone you know or a stranger. That said, many users adjust their privacy settings just to get snaps from friends, so there’s a chance strangers might not get your snaps.


Once you open the app it will open on the camera screen, where you can take a photo or record a video from your main or front facing camera. At the bottom of that screen are two icons, a common square and a friend tab.

Tap the square to see an activity feed with a list of contacts who sent you a snap or from whom you received a snap. In older versions of the app, you can easily respond to Snap by double-tapping someone’s name. Now, you need to tap with their name and swipe to the left at the same time. This will open another page with recent activity between you and that person. Anyone who has used the app for some time, I found this new design disappointing at first and it remained so even after a few weeks of use.

On the activity page where you can use text chatting, one of Snapchat’s new features. You can now send instant text messages to your Snapchat friends and they don’t disappear immediately after your friends read them. They disappear when you leave the conversation or close the application. Conversations can be confusing in my exams. If you leave the app, your friend’s messages will disappear from that activity page.

You can always enjoy this app with filters that add fun to your photography and video creation activities. But still, you have to install it for yourself and see it.

If you want to know more about Snapchat you can check out Snapchat support For more information. Download the APK and open it using your favorite file manager and tap on the file name to install. Some applications like Snapchat are Facebook, Facebook Lite And Instagram.

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