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We want to help you stop smoking
★ See how long you were smoking free
Smoking has saved you money from not smoking
You’ve got a number that you haven’t smoked
How your health is improving
Earn badges for your progress
Share your success with your friends
Record your wishes in your diary
★ and much moreThe first month of your departure – and beyond helps you

This is a science based application. Proven techniques to help you quit smoking are provided in a beautifully clean and very humane way. The calculator tells you how much money you have saved and how many cigarettes you have not smoked, the calendar tells you how long you have been smoking free and how much you have come back to life, the bar shows you ways to quit smoking improves your health and a diary shows that With how your interest in cigarettes is declining. Plus it seems to help fill, even if you only use it to run.

It also helps us to meet because science is creating the app. If you allow us, we will use the information you provide to help more people learn how to quit smoking. As you know, quitting smoking is difficult. But thousands of people do it successfully every month. We want to know more about what works and what doesn’t and how we can help your data leave future outsiders.

Exit process
Here is what we know so far. The science is quite clear that nicotine replacement therapy helps people stop smoking. But it needs to be taken as directed (many people don’t complete the course) and it means it’s better to take it from your doctor than a pharmacist. But if you don’t want to use NRT, don’t worry, it’s your departure, you do what you do. Another golden rule about quitting smoking is to make your mantra ‘not one more puff’ because one puff almost always increases more and you soon return to smoking again. It doesn’t matter how confident you are about leaving, it doesn’t matter if you plan to leave in front of you or give up or get excited for the moment. The social support you get from programs like StopTobar is helpful, but getting a true understanding of how much you’ve progressed, the benefits of quitting smoking, and the true realization of what you need to lose is to start smoking again. You are encouraged to use this app to keep you smoke free

Electronic cigarettes
E-sigs seem to help a lot of people quit smoking. Looks like cigarettes seem less effective than the ones you get from specialist vap shops. These also seem to be much safer than smoking cigarettes. However, we do not have long-term evidence, so it is better to use them as a way to quit smoking than to replace cigars.

The audit
We are running an ongoing test that tests different things to help people quit smoking. Everyone got all the features mentioned, the calculator shows how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked, the calendar tells you how long you’ve been smoke free, the bars show how your health has improved since quitting smoking.

Some people will get additional features. We can’t tell you what they are, partly because it can invalidate the test, partly because they change frequently. Looks like you’re missing out. We don’t know if these things will help people quit smoking, we just want to learn if they do. Don’t worry that they will want you to smoke more. We would never try to do something that we thought people would do.

It’s all completely voluntary and you can make full use of the app without taking part in the test. But everyone who takes part will help those who follow. So do yourself a favor by quitting smoking. And it helps your fellow smokers understand how it’s done.

What’s new?

We are constantly updating the app to make it more effective. And we constantly squash these annoying bugs

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