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Smart WiFi selector connects powerful WiFi V2.3.5 APAD payouts


Smart WiFi selector is always the strongest WiFi connection connection You know the problem: although a strong WiFi signal is available nearby, your device maintains a very weak and remote WiFi network connection. To force a strong WiFi connection you need to disable and re-enable WiFi on your device. Smart WiFi selectors are ending this situation! The most powerful WiFi connection will always be established automatically. Slip mode with its own scan interval to save battery. Sleep mode can be activated by time or by connecting to a specific WiFi network. For example, if there is more than one WiFi network at work but only one at home, you can list your home network in sleep mode. As soon as you exit your home network, the Smart WiFi selector will enter normal working mode.

– Smart WiFi selectors use the difference in signal strength (selectable) to decide when to switch to another WiFi.
– Searchable scan interval for the most powerful WiFi connection
– Certain WiFi networks can be excluded from scanning
– Instant scan for strong WiFi connection when the screen is turned on
– Will prefer 5 GHz network if desired
– Slip mode with own scan interval to save battery. Sleep mode can be activated by time

Required Android version: Marshmallow [6.0 – 6.0.1] – Naugat [7.0 – 7.1.1] – Orio [8.0-8.1]

Download Smart WiFi Selector Connects Payment to the Most Powerful WiFi V2.3.5 APK

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