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Universal TV Remote is a smart TV remote for your smart TVs. With this application you can control your TV and change channels with your phone, tablet or a smartwatch. This application lets you control up to four different devices simultaneously. Just connect the app and sync your favorite channels. The power button will turn red which is the row for your entertainment.

This app works best as a smart TV remote for Samsung TV and there is no sync problem. But regardless of your TV brand you should still try it because the developer has given it universal status. The app provides a great clean interface with a blue background. All options and controls are clearly labeled and placed which enables short people to see clearly.

Sync the smart TV remote to your TV

The smart TV remote offers two connection modes which are network connection mode and infrared connection mode. If your device does not have an infrared blaster, all you need to do is use network connection mode. Once you click the power button it will show the connection modes. Choose relevant to sync with compatible devices to control them via the app.

In the latest 2020 Smart TV Remote Update, they also offered the option to connect via AnyWeight and ZMote. Once you click on infrared mode it will take you to the device selection screen from where you need to select your TV model. Here you will select your own cable box, audio (home theater) and media player. The red power button will turn into a red indicator connection every time you select a device to configure.

Once the devices are synced go back to the home screen and long-press the red power button on the smart TV remote. This will turn off connected devices frantically. Similarly, press it again and they will turn on again. Download this app now by clicking the download button above. Let us know if you enjoyed the app by commenting below. If this application does not work with your TV model, try using it Pill’s smart remote It can sync with your TV for a wireless connection.

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