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This app is in the 1st set of Smart Tools collection. This app measures the angle or operation of an object easily and accurately.
Place the back of your device against a desk, or place it on the short / long side of a frame * * Key Features:
– Surface layer (bubble layer)
– Spirit level (clinometer)
– Zero calibration
– Tilt unit (degree, percentage, radian, roof pitch)
– Off screen
– Material Design * Features added to the Pro version:
– No ads
– Multi touch mode
– Ruler, Protestant, Thread Pitch

* Do you want more tools?
Download [Smart Ruler Pro] And [Smart Tools] Package

For more information, check out YouTube and visit the blog. Thanks.

What’s new?

– v1.0.10: Minor fix
– v1.0.9: Galaxy S8 support
– v1.0.7: Share the menu

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