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The Slides app lets you personalize and graduate content at your fingertips in the form of slides. This is an Android application that helps you earn money while learning new things through easily accessible slides. This application lets you select your interests through the eye-catching “Interests” section. And then shows you content related to your preferences.

The content will appear on your phone’s lock screen. And you can easily read all the relevant news and interests without unlocking your phone. You can swipe left / right to read the article or to unlock the phone and view content in the app. You earn points when you do any of these activities.

Slides for information and money

The app is easy to use, swipe right to unlock your phone and swipe left to read the content of your choice. There is a rewards section where you can use slides to recharge your phone, get discounts, redeem the amount you have collected. Similar to like WHFF Application Rewards Which helps you make some small money. The Slides app offers you Paytm Cash to recharge with sliding ads.

It gives you less credit and the minimum transfer amount is limited to one hundred rupees. The app also offers sharing rewards where you quickly get ড 5 to share the app with your friends. The app sends you notifications when you have the opportunity to slide through various posts and win prizes. You will keep yourself updated while making money at the same time.

Slide app users complain about lots of pop-up ads. Suddenly intervenes and annoys you when you use your mobile. If you think that you can skip everything for some extra cash for mobile load then this app is for you. Download it now by clicking the download button above.

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