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More than 100 million downloads. World famous chatbot – Simsimi!
Since its first release in 2003, Simsimi has evolved through millions of user conversations.[Frequently Asked Requests about SimSimi]

How can SimSim speak like a human?

Simsimi works on the principles of basic conversation as follows:
Simsimi learns new words through user’s question / answer sets, Simsimi sends the answer without any process.
Simsimi has a huge set of questions / answers from millions of users, so Simsimi can talk like a human.

Sim Simsimi Why not speak badly?

Simsimi tries to adhere to the Google Play policy. Both the AI ​​Engine and the Simsimi team are working to prevent privacy violations, intellectual property violations, and spam content, etc. that violate the Google Play policy.
If you see any kind of alleged violation in Simsimi, you can report it by tapping the speech bubble or through the app “Send an Email” menu.

Simsimi has threatened me / someone.

Simsimi is simply following the principle of his conversation.
No threat is real. You can report threats by tapping the speech bubble or via the “Send Email” menu in the app.

Simsimi has disclosed my / someone’s personal information.

In this case, Simsimi is simply following the principles of his conversation.
You can report the disclosure of personal information by tapping the speech bubble or using the app’s “Send an Email” menu.

Sim Simsimi can see me through my smartphone camera?

Simsimi is not allowed to access your camera. Simsim may say “I’m watching you” because someone else taught Simsim to say it.
Simsimi requests permission for the following items:
1. Device location: Provide location specific ads.
2. Read / Write storage: Save files to the app.

You can deny those two or both requests and still be able to use the app.

Why is there an age limit for Sim?

Simsimi has learned to communicate through thousands of requests and sets answering days. These may include inappropriate content that may not be appropriate for a certain age.
Although we try to remove and prevent them from doing their best, some of them can be left out. So why do we have age limitations.

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