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This is a simple moon phase calendar. There is also a widget.
This is the successor application that renews the “Simple Moon Phase Widget”.

Improved points:
– Upgraded calendar (Variety of backgrounds, additional data, Monsoon and Mercury Revenge, etc.)
– Application capabilities are light
– Notifications are possible without setting widgets on the home screen
– Widget moon color change test is possible

– When you tap the date on the calendar, a large moon image appears to migrate to the detail screen.
– Detailed information about the age of the moon, the distance of the moon, the percentage of illumination, the time of moon sighting / moonrise, the moon sign, the reaction of Mercury.
– Notify full moon and new moon, first quarter, last quarter in status bar.
– Full moon and new moon, first quarter, last quarter will be announced in the widget.
– The widget is resized.
– Calendar also has a memo function.

The moon has a payment function to change the color.

* Storage and location permission required.
* This application does not change the wallpaper. Please prepare the wallpaper by yourself.
* This application did not provide images to fully reproduce the lunar liberation.
The position of the lunar epoch pattern, such as craters, changes periodically from one event to another.

What is Liberation:
‘In astronomy, Liberation involves the relative orbital motions of bodies that are particularly related to the motion of the Moon relative to the Earth or the Trojan asteroids associated with the planet.’
Wikipedia: Free encyclopedia.
Retrieved from

What’s new?

– Fixed error occurs when tapping calendar month / date (date picker) on Android 7.0
– Change the range you can go with the date picker from 1900 to 2100 + about 20 years (manual)
– Support for multiple windows (Android .0.0 or later)
– Add background options for calendar backgrounds
– Added option to disable screen transition animation
– Bug fixes
– Other minor issues

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