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I have to answer Free mobile security app to protect against unwanted, expensive, unwanted or unknown calls.

Do I have to answer the call? This question may come to the mind of every person who sees an unknown incoming call. Each of us had the opportunity to face (or will have) an unexpected call, telemarket promotion, advertisement or some kind of fraudulent call. How do we know that the calling number is innocent and

Notification properties
The phone displays the phone number rating as soon as the phone starts ringing
Contacts does not touch or display ratings for your numbers stored in Contacts!
Offline works offline – using offline rating database (no internet connection required)
Detailed detailed phone number information and quick access to user reviews
Own quick access to write your own reviews

Ption block blocking feature
Block calls from hidden numbers
Premium blocks call premium rate numbers
Ocks blocks call abroad
Negative blocks make / call from negatively rated numbers
Private Call the blocks from the numbers defined in the private block list
Contact can block all calls from numbers that are not in the contact list!
Contact Never block or touch any number from your contact list!

Online manual:


How is a database of ratings and numbers created?
The database is built-in by all user communities where applications are installed and / or the application pages are visited. Users can privatize ratings and reviews for public phone numbers based on anonymous actual answered calls (we do not collect information for private numbers). These ratings are stored in a central server database where our administrators can check them, and after evaluation and approval, reviews, including rankings, are distributed to all mobile phones that have our applications installed.

Why does the app claim access to my mobile contacts and phone calls?
This type of application uses the application to differentiate between your personal contacts and new incoming calls stored on your mobile – so the rating form is only displayed for individual numbers that are not rated / rated in your history. Your personal contacts are never sent to the server (usually they never leave your mobile).

What’s new?

– Updated original database
– Export has been added to the clipboard
– Accessibility service has been removed due to a Google Play request
– Bugfix

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