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Customize your phone or tablet screen with the cool reusable watch widget!
+ Original design – new designs made from sketches every two weeks!
+ Crisp Sizes – Why not make your watch look perfect and sharp in any device and screen shape!
+ Battery Saving – The code has been optimized to save your battery as much as possible – the widget closes after your screen is turned off!
+ Resizable – Adjust the clock size for your screen!
+ Adjustable gap between watch numbers – make it look like your watch!
+ Customizable colors – adjust the widget to match your wallpaper!
+ Transparency
+ HX Color Code Support – Add your favorite color using HX code!
+ Favorite Colors – Add and keep your favorite colors and use them whenever you want!
+ 24 and 12 hours time!
+ Removable lead zero (for 12-hour period)
+ Date – Add a date to set up your widget!
+ Changeable font (for date and AM / PM)!
+ Adjustable text size and spacing (for date and AM / PM)!
+ Removable Colon – Keep the widget simpler!
+ Shadow
New cool updates on the way!

Currently includes the following designs (free version limited to 12 free styles):
+ Seven
+ Seven minimum
Seven specials
+ Origami
+ Edge
+ Futo
+ Curve light
+ Glitch Biohazard
+ Normal bold
+ Simple medium
Simple light
Led medium

Full version style:
+ Milky Way
+ Nova
+ Wrong
Good vibes
+ Orra mixture
Aurora Sport
+ Aurora Min
+ Digital World
+ Curve
+ Girikh Ripple
Loss is minimal
+ Curve ripple
+ Alien
+ Omega Medium
Omega light
+ Galaxy
+ Summer
+ Summer special
+ Simple neon
+ Source
+ Original light
Bold in leadership
Led light
Led pixels

Full Version Features:
+ Customizable separator for date (any supported symbols or letters!)
+ 90 ° / -90 ° degree rotation (beta version)
+ Removable notification from status bar (only for Android below 8.0 Orio)
All new upcoming style! One style per week after full release.
+ No ads!

Warning: The app may not work properly on devices with Android version below 5.0 Lollipop. If you experience some bugs, please send us a message!

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Have a nice day!

What’s new?

+ New styles: Hexa, Art Bold, Art Medium, Art Light
+ New Date Style: EE / MM / DD, YY / MM / DD / EE (Japanese)

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