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If you have a rooted Android phone and want full control over the CPU, then this app is for you. SetCPU puts its user in full command of the Android phone CPU. Setputu ticks the processor of your rooted phone to increase the performance of the CPU.

Tweaking your Android processor with SetCPU

This will enable you to save battery life and improve the performance of your device. SetCPU provides a huge range to tweak your CPU, including profile, clock speed, voltage settings, etc. More importantly, the app receives regular updates that constantly improve its features. You can check your old phone by overclocking.

Similarly a processor has its own advantages of slowing down the clock. This can save battery life, although it will reduce the effectiveness of some high-end applications. For some devices, the app allows you to shake the phone’s voltage to save your battery. You need to set up a profile to run your CPU when your battery is running low, and set up another profile to keep your phone in maximum position when it is charged or docked.

The current setCPU download version includes the latest features. You can increase the CPU speed or slide your finger on the slider. It includes the latest dual-blade info menus and action bars with new Android design guidelines. Navigation is now much easier with the help of simple action bar. All these recent features make this app easy and convenient to use even for a newborn. All this is possible if you have an original Android phone. You can download to root your Android phone King Route Application for a quick and easy root process.

To download the SetCPU application just click the download button above and download it from our secure server. See developers for more application information and privacy policies Website.

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