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Sensor Toolbox is an absolute-in-one diagnostic tool that lets you know virtually everything about the status of your mobile device. Get complete information about all sensors supported by your tablet, smartphone or wearable device. View all data from your mobile device sensor in a comfortable format in real time, check the sensor. Check the data in the chart (graphic view) and the text output available for each sensor and check the details of each detector and parameters. Sport tracker and much more.

This sensor equipment tool application gives you access to data from:

– Accelerometer reading (linear acceleration and gravity sensor)
– Gyroscope (Calibrated and Untitled)
– Device three orientation
– Proximity sensor
– Step detectors and counters, dynamics sensors
– Significant speed
– Rotation vector sensor
– Other speed and position sensors
– Light sensor (Lux, LX)
– The magnetic field, the strength of the values ​​of the magnetic field of the atmosphere (Micro Tesla, µT)
– Barometer, pressure sensor
– Relative humidity sensor
– Temperature sensor
– Location, accuracy, altitude, map, speed and GPS NMEA data (latitude, longitude, supplier, statelights)
– Battery status, voltage, temperature, health and technology
– Noise level meter and microphone meter (decibels)
– Heart rate sensor
– NFC sensor and reader
– Device front and rear camera resolution
– Smartphone display size, resolution and technology
– Device, phone memory, RAM and CPU parameters
– IMEI number
– Multitouch information
And other sensors are available on your mobile device.

These sensors allow you to check what kind of sensors your device has and test them all with the Multitool app. It supports all sensors on an Android device and it will tell you which of them is not supported by your hardware.

If you have any problems with ideas for this application or development, please send us this message. [email protected]

Have fun working with this ultimate tool!

What’s new?

Minor bugs fixed
Switch language changer has been added inside the app
EN, PL, IT, RU language support
Premium added – new options:
– No ads
– Sensor configuration list
– Defining refresh interval for displayed values
– Sharing data from sensors

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