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Security Camera CZ APK Download

Security Camera CZ APK Download

Turn your old smartphone or tablet into a home security camera – this app was created exclusively for parental (family) monitoring or enterprise management. You can use it as a baby monitor, senior care camera or pet camera. With two-way talk-back function and night vision it is suitable for all the above purposes.

This app records the detected motion as a series of photos and lets you browse these images very quickly. This application does not record detected motion as video!

All features are free:
Smart motion detection.
Exceptional resistance to false alarms.
Live HD video and video recording.
Bilateral talk-back function.
Features zoom, night vision and torch.
Speed ​​high resolution photos.
Option to store recorded images in Google Drive.
Multiple free cameras in one system.
Sharing your camera with your family.
Determinants for speed detection.
Turn off motion detection if I’m nearby.
Speed ​​detection zone ones
Siren alarm after motion detection.
Adjustable motion detection sensitivity.
Very intuitive operation.
Works with WiFi or any mobile internet connection.

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