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Score World Goals is an Android soccer game with a unique twist. In the game, no one needs to play through whole football games, instead, they will only recover some of the most famous goals of all time. While these goals are entertaining, one will control a variety of national teams around the world.

The game is divided into 200+ levels that span over 4 decades. One will take steps to fulfill their goal masterpiece in place of the best footballers of all time. Some of the goals include World Cup finalist Iniesta, Roberto Carlos’ famous foul against France and Macedonia’s Olympic game against England. Try for intense games PES.

Score World Goals Gameplay

During each of the four levels, players will receive a certain amount depending on how well the player has created an original goal. If a player gets 3 stars for a goal, it means that their goal performance is exactly like the original where 1 star means even though the goal was the same; Some details were missing from it.
All in all, the game offers players to recreate 1000 memorable moments in the history of soccer from international tournaments as well as national leagues. The player’s only mission is to recreate goals as accurately as possible. To see more support FTS website.

The game’s graphics ensure that the player can achieve maximum authenticity by playing with 500 different animations of Score World Goal. Also, in order not to make the game too easy for the players, it comes with quite a wide range of difficulties.

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