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Scientific Calculator – Fx 570vn Plus: A simple but powerful calculator that solves standard, scientific and programmer modes as well as a unit converter, math, physics and chemistry formulas, graphs and equations. It’s the perfect tool for adding a bill, converting a measurement into a recipe or other project, and it’s a very useful tool for helping to fully teach complex math, algebra, or geometry problems.The main advantage
Scientific calculator
• It is a scientific calculator that supports most of the features of receiver calculators such as Casio fx570ms, fx570esplus, 570vnplus …
প্রদর্শন Natural display fractions and specific functions (log, x2, x3, x ^,), “, x – 1, 10 ^, e ^, d / dx, Σ, abs …) Makes your textbook written
You undo when you miss a mistake.
Save history, select a count in the list history and edit it.
Favorite Create favorite calculations that make calculations faster.

Standard calculator
Daily This is a perfect tool for daily calculations. With a memory function similar to a small handheld calculator
Save history, select a count in the list history and edit it.

Mathematical formulas
App This app contains 1000+ math formulas and much more can come.
• Now you don’t need to make paper notes to memorize math formulas, just this application has left all the formulas on the phone of your choice.
Necessary The formulas explained very simply in the application along with the statistics you need will help you to understand very easily.

The law of physics
Application The application is a physical handbook. Most physical formulas for students and undergraduates He helps users quickly identify any physics formulas for their studies and work This app displays the most popular and advanced formulas in seven sections:
+ Mechanical
+ Electricity
Thermal physics
+ Periodic speed
+ Optics
+ Atomic physics
+ Constant

Chemical reactions
Chemical allows to discover chemical reactions and to solve chemical equations with one and several unknown variables.

Different numbers can convert numbers between bases (2/8/10/16).
• The display shows binary, hexadecimal, octal and decimal numbers.
Input binary, hexadecimal, octal or decimal.

Graphing calculator
Functions Easily graph tasks, solve equations, find special points for functions.

Solve the equations
Linear equations for degree one, quadratic equations for degree two, dense equations for degree three, system of linear equations.

Unit Available unit conversions include:
+ Currency (US Dollar, CDN Dollar, Pound, Peso, etc.)
Temperature (Celsius, Fahrenheit, Calvin etc.)
Length (kilometers, miles, meters, yards, feet, etc.)
+ Mass / Weight (kg, pounds, ounces, tons, stones, etc.)
+ Speed ​​(km / h, miles per hour, knot, etc.)
+ Area (sq. Km, sq. Miles, hectares, acres, etc.)
+ Cooking volume (teaspoon, table spoon, cup, pint, quart, ounce, etc.)
+ Pressure (kilopascals, bars, psi, etc.)
+ Power (watts, kilowatts, horsepower, etc.)
+ Energy (Zol, Calories, BTU, etc.)
+ Time (year, month, day, hour, second, etc.)
+ Fuel consumption (per gallon per mile, 100 kilometers per liter, etc.)
+ Digital storage (bits, bytes, megabytes, gigabytes, etc.)

+ The layout of the buttons in this application is scientifically rigorous, making mathematical operations as simple and convenient as possible.
+ The number of buttons and functions in our app are beautifully designed, clean, flicker, blurry and resistant to iStrain.
+ There are many beautiful themes with different styles.

What’s new?

+ Help, add user guides
+ Add new themes.
+ Fix some bugs.

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