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It all works offline, in one calculator, a complete math function. A Scientific Calculator 500, 500, 570 MS, 570 VNPlus, 991S Plus, 991SM, 570S Plus, 82 or TI 30XB, 4500, 82mm, 82S, 82A U Plus II, 100AU, 4500pa, 991 Most The former supports features, 260. প্রদর্শন Natural Display
Natural input allows you to enter equations as you write on paper using fractions, roots, stimuli, and more. This is called “natural display” and is a common feature in scientific calculators such as the 570 991S Plus.

Scroll Features
Swipe the cursor up and down, left and right to move the keyboard. Touch to edit expression.

Assume Function Functionality, Advanced Calculator Features ★
Equ solution equation (shift solution)
AL CALC function (including memory function, 8 variables)
Er derivative function
Function Integrates functions
• Base n calculation (calculator binary, decimal, hexadecimal, octal)
Table Generator: Generates expression table base.
Solve Equation System Equations (two and three unknown variables)
Cub Solve cubic, quadrilateral, in-equation
Calculate with Raction Fraction Results (Fraction Calculator)
Big Count with big numbers
• Complex numbers
Matrix calculator with full features of algebraic calculator
7%% calculator
Logarithm Calculator (Log Base N)

Le angle unit 6
Radian, degree, gradian

Output type 6
Fractions (1/2)
Mixed fractions (4/3 = 1 3/4)
• Decimal (1.23123)
Dec Decimal Repeat (1.23232323 = 1. (23))
G degree / min / second
Ola polar adjustment (pole, rack function)

6 decimal notation 8
General, Engineering, Engineering (SI), Science, Fixed

★ More features
Automatic count: See results as you type (turn off settings)
Ib Vibration, vibration energy
Play the sound when you click the Sound button
6 decimal format
History of Ulation Calculations
Show variable values.
Two layouts: full keyboard and compact keyboard
Change the font family
Change the theme
Resize the font
Copy, paste expression (long click to copy)

It’s a free calculator, but you can upgrade to the premium version to access all the features.

Android Natural Scientific Calculator for Android 7

What’s new?

In the latest update we have fixed some bugs and improved this application.

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