School Management App – FedenaConnect Demo 1.3.391 APK Download for Android

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Fedena Connection is an ideal school management application that allows parents, teachers and students to easily manage school-related activities such as attendance management, scheduling, fee management arrangements, communication, test results, class scheduling and more. This is a demo app to try and gain experience with Fedena Connect.

Go ahead, download the Fedena Connection School ERP app and gain experience. If you need more information on how Fedena can transform your organization, visit

About the Fedena connection

Fedena, the school management system is used in 40000+ schools and colleges around the world.

Fedena Connect, a school management app is a simple and intuitive application focused on enhancing communication between teachers and parents. School management, teachers, parents and students come up with a platform to bring clarity to the whole system related to children’s activities. The goal is not only to enrich students’ learning experiences, but also to enrich the lives of parents and teachers.

Key Features:

Announcements: The school management application can reach important circulars to parents, teachers and students at once. All users will receive a notification for this announcement. Announcements may contain attachments such as images, PDFs, etc.

Messages: School administrators, teachers, parents and students can now effectively communicate with the new messages feature. Sounds connected right?

Broadcast: School administrators and teachers can send broadcast messages to closed groups about class activities, responsibilities, parent visits, etc.

Events: All events such as exams, parent-teacher reunions, holidays and fee dates will be listed on the organization’s calendar. You will be instantly reminded before important events. Our easy vacation list will help you plan your days in advance.

Features for parents:

Student Schedule: Now you can see your child’s schedule on the go. This weekly schedule will help you organize your child’s schedule effectively. You will see the current schedule and upcoming classes on the dashboard. Hand isn’t it?

Attendance Report: You will be notified immediately if your child is identified as missing for a day or class. The attendance report for the academic year is readily available with all the details.

Fee: No more long queues. Now you can pay your school fees instantly on your mobile. All upcoming fee arrears events will be listed and you will be reminded with a push notification when the due date approaches.

Features for teachers:

Teacher’s schedule: Your notebook will no longer be changed to find your next class. This application will display your upcoming class on the dashboard. This weekly schedule will help you plan your day effectively.

Apply for leave: There is no need to find a desktop to apply for leave or there is no application form to fill out. Now you can apply for the page from your mobile. You can track your leave application until it is acted upon by your manager.

Pages Report: Access the list of all your pages for one academic year. Find out your available holiday credits, the number of pages taken for different types of holidays.

Mark attendance: You can mark attendance directly from the classroom with your mobile. Identifying absentees and entering a class attendance report is easier than ever

My Class: If you are a batch tutor, you can now identify attendance for your class, access student profiles, class timetables, topics, and teacher lists. This will make your day lighter which we believe.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have more than one student at our school and the school records have the same mobile number for all your students, you can change the student profile in the app by tapping the student name from the left slider menu and then switching to student profile

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