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Forget about manual time tracking.
The average person checks the phone 8 minutes a day, about 120 times a day. Save my time adopting this habit. The app replaces your standard lock screen and asks what you’re doing every few minutes.Check your stats
Save My Time – Time Tracker manages analytics and lets you:
+ Learn how much time you invest in productive activities and how much time is wasted
+ Check your work life balance for different periods of daily / weekly / monthly / yearly.

Customization – Save my time with your needs:
+ Customize your activity name, color, and icons to track everything you need.
+ Add nine activities.

Settings – Track time as you like.
+ Set how many times you should save my time should your lock screen be replaced.
Stop tracking when you don’t need it.

What’s new?

– Export has been added to the CSV file feature
– The “Ask Later” feature has been changed to delay further tracking
– Stable sequence of activities on split screens
– Fixed 7 day stats count

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